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Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?

Hey! I don't even know of anyone even follows this account anymore as it's literally be 10 years since my last update 😬 I've wanted to get back into icon making for a while though, and I finally did it! And Joker is the movie that gave me the push. Considering how long it's been, I'm actually really proud of these. I've cross-posted to my Dreamwidth community as I'm active over there too, so feel free to come over and say hi!

[115] Joker


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music ♔ pf → syd head in hand

90 Les Miserables icons & 2 banners


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Would anyone be interested in profile codes at all if I made them? The actual coding would be pretty simple but they'd include pretty graphics of your favourite fandoms :)
POTO-Earl Carpenter & Katie Knight-Adams

16 Alice icons

Graphics? In a graphics journal? Shocking.

Sorry for the lack of updates, I haven't really been in the graphic making mood, and when I have I've only been making a few at a time.

I started a new batch some months ago and barely got started with it, but thought I might as well post them to try and keep my community somewhat active!

So here are 16 icons of Alice face characters:


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If theres anything you'd like to see in future batches, please let know ^^